Categorisation of Material

The Animal By-Products Regulations state there are 3 categories of material. Each must be collected, processed, stored, disposed of or utilised in ways that are set out in this legislation.

CATEGORY 3 – not intended for human consumption, ‘the things we choose not to eat’, and products not intended for human consumption for commercial reasons. This includes offal and abattoir or boning hall meat trimmings and fat.

CATEGORY 2 – not for animal consumption - material not presented for; or has failed veterinary inspection This would include Category 3 material that has been contaminated i.e. fallen on floor at abattoir and also whole carcasses, not containing Specified Risk Material, that have died but have not been inspected by a vet, i.e., pigs that die on farm.

CATEGORY 1 – for disposal only, this is the part of the animal that is not fit for human consumption. This would include specified risk material, e.g., brain and spinal column, as well as entire carcasses that contain specified risk material.

UFBP are approved to collect and dispose of all three categories of material . Currently we operate both a Category 1 plant and a Category 3 plant to ensure we can offer the widest range of value for our customers.

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