The collection and disposal of animal by-products in Northern Ireland is authorised and controlled under the EU Animal By-Products Regulations 1069/2009. This lays down health rules concerning all animal by-products not intended for human consumption such as abattoir waste, offal, bones, feathers, animal fats and blood.

From January 2006 the landfill disposal of former foodstuffs is illegal - this applies to fresh or frozen raw meat, fish or poultry. All foods containing raw meats that are not fit for human consumption, damaged, contaminated or past their 'use-by' dates must be disposed of through an approved method.

Animal by-products are defined as “Entire bodies or any part of an animal carcase or any material of animal origin not intended for human consumption”, these are then classified into three categories.

Category 3 - not for human consumption

Category 2 - not for animal consumption

Category 1 - for disposal only

Ulster Farm By-Products Ltd operate both a category 1 plant and a category 3 plant.

We keep ourselves informed of all the latest guidance, amendments and new legislation and advise our customers of the implications for them of these changes.

Additionally we regularly respond to consultation documents to ensure the views and interests of our customers are represented in the drafting of legislation.

Registration No: Northern Ireland, NI28004. Registration Office: Glenconway House, 31 Ballyvannon Road, Glenavy, Co Antrim, BT29 4QJ