Finished Products

Prior to the impact of BSE in 1996 the outputs of the rendering industry were used as high value ingredients in compound animal feeds. As one of the animal health precautions post BSE a ban on the sale or export of mammalian meat and bone meal and tallow for use in the animal feed industry came into effect in that year.


Tallow had previously been valued as an ingredient in compound animal feeds. It was therefore necessary  to find alternative markets for some of this material. The oleo-chemical industry use has remained for certain classes of tallow and markets have been successfully established for tallow to be used as a green fuel alternative to heavy fuel oil.

Protein Meal / Meat & Bone Meal (MBM)

The development of MBM as a fuel has been a hugely important factor in increasing the availability of biomass as a green energy alternative to the burning of fossil fuels in power generation making a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from UK energy generation.

This has led to a situation whereby the rendering industry has become a key producer of ‘green energy’ fuels within the UK, in effect recycling these by-products to produce valuable fuels to replace our traditional reliance on non-renewable fuel sources.

Our Category 3 meals are supplied to both the petfood and horticultural markets.

Environmental Standards

Our operation ensures that animal by-products are safely converted into usable fuels, recycling these products into green energy production.

We are subject to the Pollution and Prevention Control legislation and were awarded our permit in 2006. This is enforced by the Environment and Heritage Service.

We recognise the need to continue to invest in the best available processing techniques. We have made substantial investments over the past 5 years, the most recent example being the commissioning of two new regenerative thermal oxidation plants designed specifically to treat all odour and cooking vapours produced by the rendering process.



Registration No: Northern Ireland, NI28004. Registration Office: Glenconway House, 31 Ballyvannon Road, Glenavy, Co Antrim, BT29 4QJ