The rendering industry in its most primitive form has been operating in the world for centuries. In essence it is the cooking of animal by-products followed by separation of the fats and drying of the solid fraction into a protein meal. Historically these fats have been used in cooking and in soap manufacture, the protein meal was recycled as a fertiliser or  included in compound animal feed.

Due to public concerns for both animal and public health, strict controls have been established, resulting in the industry growing to a position whereby its existence is essential as part of the food chain within the UK.

The process involves

•Crushing and grinding of the material

•Heat and pressure treatment to reduce moisture and kill micro-organisms

•Separating the melted fat (also known as tallow) from the solid protein

•Grinding of the solid fraction into a powder known as Meat and Bone Meal (MBM).

The finished products of Tallow and Meat and Bone Meal have been developed for further use. Tallow is used within the Oleochemical industry as a raw material in the production of soap, paint and tyres.In recent years it has been used as a green fuel in steam generating boilers and in renewable power generation.

MBM as a biomass green energy fuel can be used for coincineration in the production of electricity.

More recently Ulster Farm By-Products Ltd has led the way in the development of MBM as a green energy fuel in the production of cement.

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